Liberate yourself from the anxiety trap!

Understand what keeps you stuck in the cycle of anxiety by understanding the First/Second Fear trap and liberate yourself back to freedom, peace, and joy with these simple steps!


Master class

on February 9ᵗʰ

10 am & 6 pm PST

With Vanessa Montejano

Inside the Masterclass you will discover...​ 

What works and what doesn’t in the simplest way possible.  

I know that every day you’re being bombarded with advice on how to 'cope' or ‘manage’ anxiety from doctors, therapist, experts, friends, & family, and unfortunately, the vast majority of it is poor and even making anxiety worse. Because every time something new doesn't work you lose even more hope that anything will work. 

I've done all of the trial and error when I dealt with debilitating anxiety, from the most bizarre symptoms you can think of; derealization, tinnitus, depersonalization, intrusive thoughts, existential thinking, shortness of breath, panic attacks, eye floaters, brain fog, exhaustion, depression, stuck songs, to name a few, and I KNOW this way is the only way to overcome anxiety for good!  

And that's why I put together this masterclass. To help you get your life back once and for all.

Here’s what we will cover:
• Understanding anxiety symptoms to relief some of the fear behind it
• Understanding the 1st fear 2nd fear-and how the second fear is what keeps people stuck in the cycle of chronic anxiety
• How to eliminate the 2nd fear to break the cycle of anxiety
• Learn about my 12-week program to help you get to recovery faster & avoid never falling back into the vicious cycle of anxiety again.

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