Anxiety Solutions

A personalized, blended program of education and therapy which will get to the root cause of your anxiety and teach you a unique method to overcome the symptoms you are struggling to live with.


You feel you’ve tried everything from antidepressants to diet changes to expensive supplements to yoga to acupuncture to therapy and NOTHING IS WORKING – you are still anxious, hopeless, feeling lost, feel afraid and experience physical and mental symptoms due to chronic anxiety.

Is anxiety keeping you away from living the life you once had or the life you want to enjoy because of panic attacks, tinnitus, depersonalization, derealization, or intrusive thoughts?                                         

Is anxiety keeping you away from enjoying the life you once had               because of panic attacks, tinnitus, depersonalization,                                            derealization, or intrusive thoughts                                          

Has this been your experience?

  • Feelings of unreality
  • Frequently feel detached from reality like you’re watching yourself in a movie
  • You’re constantly questioning what you’re doing with your life
  • You feel like you are in a glass cage looking out  
  • You’ve become so afraid of things you use to enjoy you want to stay home and avoid everything and everyone
  • You try so hard to focus but no matter what you do, depersonalization, derealization, panic attacks and intrusive thoughts overpower you
  • You get brain fog, you can’t think straight, you feel like you aren’t able to concentrate on what you are doing
  • You’re constantly Googling online and searching for answers
  • You experience symptoms 24/7 and you feel like you’re losing control
  • You feel like something is medically wrong with you

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that you absolutely can overcome these debilitating symptoms and never have to just manage, cope or be afraid of them again?

Are you feeling hopeless, miserable and afraid of going anywhere?

Have you experienced any of these?

  • Do you avoid grocery stores, driving, flying, going out with friends, or traveling to avoid panic attacks, depersonalization or derealization(DPDR)
  • You’ve moved back in with your parents because you can’t handle the debilitating symptoms

  • You’ve stopped working because of debilitating symptoms you’re experiencing

  • You’ve moved back in with your parents because you can’t handle the debilitating symptoms

  • You are afraid your partner is eventually going to leave you once they’ve had enough of your suffering
  • You are so worried that your kids are suffering as a result of seeing you suffer with anxiety symptoms that the guilt is eating you up inside
  • You feel alone, like no one understands you, which makes you experience feelings of sadness and depression, and you feel that there is no hope


Wouldn’t it be liberating to know you can get back to flying, traveling, going out with your friends and driving without ever having to experience panic attacks, fear or DPDR and begin again to enjoy these moments that you deserve? Or even better, to develop the skills and the new mindset to help yourself and then be able to teach them to your kids so they never have to experience what you went through. Get back to having a great relationship with your partner and never have to talk to your partner about anxiety.


Are you stuck in the anxiety loop?

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You feel like you’ve tried medications, therapy, self-help books and supplements but nothing is working

  • You find it hard to trust that anyone can help you because you’ve spent thousands and thousands on so-called solutions to help you, but nothing is working

  • You are using recreational drugs and/or alcohol to escape from the constant battle you are struggling with every day

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you can overcome these symptoms 100% without years of talk therapy and medication and live the life you used to enjoy or create an even better one?!

I know how you feel, because I used to suffer from many of these scenarios, and I’m here to tell you, all of that can change. You can overcome debilitating anxiety and enjoy your life again or create an even better one. I can help you Break Free from debilitating anxiety symptoms without years of talk therapy and medications so that you can enjoy a joyful liberated life long-term!

I will be with you the entire way, supporting your commitment to finding long-term freedom from debilitating anxiety.

What I’ve learned about people who experience Anxiety 

Most people who experience anxiety, are considered to have Type A personalities. Characteristics associated with Type A personality include, Overachiever, Competitive, Fast-paced and Impatient. These traits are helpful in many situations but are not useful in overcoming anxiety.


Why do some people fall into the cycle of anxiety while others don’t when they have the same life experiences?

Childhood patterns, habits  – Typically people fall into the anxiety cycle due to coping mechanisms they’ve learned. This can happen because of trauma, drugs, alcohol, highly stressful situations, a death in the family, difficult childbirth, and many more factors. Although any of these could be the triggers for anxiety, it doesn’t mean that specific factor was the cause of your anxiety, it really depends on how you perceive every situation.  As children, we absorb everything like a sponge in the first seven years of life, and along the way we pick up good and bad patterns, habits, behaviors and traits. Asa result, these habits and behaviors can affect us as adults. If we are raised by parents with bad habits and behaviors, we can react to our environment in a very apprehensive (fearful or anxious) way, causing our stress response to continually turn on, which causes our nervous system to become unbalanced (sensitized). When your nervous system is unbalanced, it’s one of the main causes for why people experience anxiety symptoms like derealization, depersonalization, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, tinnitus, and/or more bizarre and uncomfortable symptoms. The reason we get trapped in the cycle of anxiety is because we reinforce these childhood behaviors to deal with the symptoms and sensations and these behaviors don’t give our nervous system any opportunity to regain its natural balance. This causes our stress response to continue turning on, keeping the nervous system sensitized, which is why we keep feeling the symptoms and sensations over and over again. The more this cycle repeats, the more likely your brain is to make it a habit. That is why you hear stories about people falling into the anxiety cycle and being trapped in it for many years.   

The good news is, it doesn’t matter what triggered the anxiety, or how long you’ve experienced anxiety or how many symptoms you experience, everyone can overcome it by gaining an understanding of what’s happening and applying the proper techniques. It will take a commitment from you and hard work, but overcoming anxiety is 100% possible!

We believe this is the key to understanding and overcoming chronic anxiety. My team and I work together to help people all over the world to break free from anxiety.

Once you’ve gained a clear understanding of what’s happening, the next step is applying what you’ve learned.

 What you learn and experience in the 360-mentorship program allows you to heal your subconscious wounds (negative beliefs, unwanted habits, apprehensive behavior) that are typically created in childhood, so that when the mind shifts, you will lose the fear of anxiety and create a more confident, mindful approach towards life. This shift helps bring the nervous system back into balance, and the amazing effects of this process cause all the symptoms to go away in time.

I have experienced this process myself – the whole journey, from chaos to inner peace. This is why I am so passionate about helping people break free from their suffering by finding long-term freedom and liberation.




The 360 Mentorship Program

A 12-week program designed for people who suffer from debilitating anxiety symptoms such as derealization, depersonalization, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts and tinnitus. The Mentorship Program was carefully built to rapidly help you break free from patterns that keep you stuck in the anxiety trap. We combine Rapid Transformational Therapy, weekly guided calls and a self-guided portal where you will gain a deep understanding of how anxiety and RTT works in the mind and body. The 360 Mentorship Program is an immersive journey for motivated, committed people who are ready to heal the root causes behind the symptoms of anxiety at a deep level for good, without years of talk therapy or medication.

Here’s what you will receive during the 12 weeks:

  • A one-to-one deep dive session:  An initial call where we will go over your intake form. I will ask in depth questions . The program is not one-size-fits all because everything we do in the mentorship program is customized for you depending on where you are in your recovery, so you get the best individualized support for you and the fastest recovery as a result (30-minutes)
  • 1 Life Changing RTT Session: We will have an RTT Session within a 30-day period to help uncover the underlying factors associated with anxiety. This session will help get to the root cause, reframe, unwire negative thought patterns and break old beliefs and transform them into a structure that helps break the anxiety loop much quicker than going to years of talk therapy (90-120 minutes).
  • A Custom Recording: A customized transformational recording you will listen to daily for 30 days, this is personalized for you and specially designed to rewire and build new neural networks in your brain to help you create permanent positive beliefs while making sure your old negative patterns never return.
  • Follow up emails after your RTT Session: We will exchange follow up emails after your RTT Session to check your progress. Everyone’s journey is different. I will make sure we are keeping track of your progress to ensure you are moving forward in your recovery journey.
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls: We will have weekly Live Coaching calls where I guide you through your journey of recovery. We will work face-to-face through Zoom to answer all your personal questions every step of the way to make sure we make any necessary adjustments in your journey. I know how it feels to be in your shoes, that is why these calls are very important, they help you build the confidence and guidance you need to ensure you break the cycle of anxiety for good. I’ve not only completely recovered, but have also helped others do the same. So, you can feel confident you’re in safe and experienced hands (45 minutes per week).
  • Access to the Mentorship Portal: This is where you will get all the educational resources you need to understand and learn the mechanics of anxiety and how rapid transformational therapy works for the mind and body.  You will learn the five simple steps to overcome anxiety.

We will work through:

  • What your recovery journey will look like and the action steps to take
  • Recognizing and handling bizarre symptoms that feel like a physical illness
  • Critical mistakes to avoid along your recovery journey so you can recover as soon as possible
  • How to manage setbacks correctly without sabotaging your recovery
  • How to get back to living fully and freely like you did before without suffering from your present symptoms
  • The tools and strategies that ensure you never fall into the anxiety cycle again for a symptom-free future
  • Understanding your symptoms so you remove the fear behind them


Option 1 Pay in Full

Option 2 Monthly Payments

Here’s what one of my previous clients had to say about their journey:

“I had a wonderful session with Vanessa, who provided a safe space where I felt relaxed and safe with her. Vanessa was able to get to the root cause right away which was really insightful and I finally understood not only whay the tinnitus came in the first place but why it came back

It was a great relief to confirm the issue wasn’t a hardware problem, but psychomatic, even though I was told by the doctor it was hardware.

I have had a shift in not only my awareness, the tinnitus quickly stopped and has been gone since!

Thank you for helping me and for helping many more with this issue. I am eternally greatful to you 🙏”


“Working with Vanessa  has been LIFE CHANGING. And I don’t say that lightly. My big job came with a lot of anxiety and self doubt. I had a lot of negative talk going on in my head. After one hypnotherapy session with Vanessa, I had the best speaking engagement of my life, my anxiety has lessened, my self-doubt is not even a thought now and I am able to let things go that used to get me down for a long time. Overall I just feel lighter, and like I finally have a path to enjoy life the way I have always wanted to. I am a new me in my 50’s Thank you Vanessa!”
“Vanessa was and is truly genuine in her approach to unpacking my life’s experiences with a lot of care, understanding and action to move forward in a way that has shifted my thoughts and realigned my focus.”
“Working with Vanessa has given me the necessary understanding and confidence to seek clarity in my strengths and align my goals, the ability to tap into my subconscious and shift deep rooted memories and let go of those ‘things’ that have previously held me back, that I had no conscious visibility on until my session with Vanessa. I am so thankful for this experience. It has been really transformative.”
“I have just finished my performance and wanted to thank you immensely for literally saving my life. Wow it is amazing what you can do when you believe. I played really well considering I haven’t performed on stage for two years because of fear. It worked.”
“Thank you Vanessa 🙏 for taking the time to help me through this process and help towards my goals. I do feel really proud of myself and I feel stronger each day and less anxiety. I also do feel more equipped to handle, more aware and less scared of anxiety.”

“One of the hardest things for me was to accept that tinnitus was do to anxiety, it took my brain a while to understand this, but I trusted you and I followed your guidance and even though I expected the condition to go away fast, it did in time go away, I honestly wasn’t aware of the day it went away, I just noticed it wasn’t there any more. 🙂 thnak you so much for helping me get my life back. to be honest, I still think that the condition will come back but it hasn’t and I will continue to apply the tools you taught me.”


“I felt like I’m almost there. Like the clouds are clearing up and I can see the sun and on the other side. I feel like I’m so close to be done with this anxiety. Like I can breathe and smile again.. I kinda wanna cry I’m really happy.”


We will be with you the entire way, we are committed to helping you find emotional freedom from chronic anxiety.

Make anxiety something you used to have. Your pain is calling you to heal it

 This work is my life’s purpose.  I am not your average therapist, I work directly with the subconscious mind to find the root cause of anxiety so that I can help you quickly learn to reframe and transform the unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviors keeping you stuck in the anxiety trap. I truly understand what you’re going through because I’ve been there.  I lived with anxiety for years before I was a patient just like you and eventually got my life back by overcoming it on my own journey!

I have felt overwhelming guilt. I’ve felt like I didn’t have any control of my life anymore, things were so difficult and so dark for me when I experienced derealization, depersonalization, panic attacks, tinnitus and intrusive thoughts.

I felt completely scared and thought I was going to lose it and end up in a mental hospital. I felt like I had lost control of my life.

I used to let anxiety take away all my  joy because I had so much fear until I wasn’t the same person anymore.

The list goes on. However, all of that is a thing of the past…like looking back at someone else. I am a new person, and you can be too.

Option 1 Pay in Full

Option 2 Monthly Payments

I’ve been in your shoes.  I spent thousands of dollars trying to get help with debilitating anxiety. I spent years of my life and missed out on so much.

Like I did, you could spend thousands of dollars trying to fix this – psychologist, doctors, medication, supplements, long term therapy, quick fix scammers…. Only to find you are still stuck.

Like me, you could waste years of your life and cause damage to yourself and those around you. You could keep avoiding the places you wish you could truly enjoy, including vacations, traveling, being around family, friends, driving, working out. You could continue to damage your career and every part of your future life. You could continue to let your anxiety control your life and get to the point where you may never work again.


But there is a better way.  You deserve more from life.

What price would you put on that? I think you would agree that it’s impossible to put a price on any of the time you’ve already suffered.  And I am sure you will agree that you can’t put a price on getting your life back.  You can’t put a price on gaining your well-being or your inner peace or long-term freedom, or improving the quality of your relationships, career and your mental health because that stuff is priceless.





12-Week 360 Mentorship Program Pricing:

US $2,999

* A 30-minute one-to-one deep dive session

* 1 Life Changing RTT Session with lead therapist Vanessa (90-120 minutes)

* A Custom Recording to rewire your thinking 

* Follow up emails following your RTT Session*Access to the Mentorship Portal: Learn the tools for understanding and learning the mechanics of anxiety and how rapid transformational therapy of the mind and body works.  Learn the five simple steps to overcome anxiety.

* Weekly Live Coaching Calls: Face-to-face calls through Zoom for answering all your personal questions. These calls will help make sure we can make any necessary adjustments in your journey to ensure you are on the right track to breaking the anxiety cycle for good (45 minutes per week).



Split Payment in three parts

X1 Pay = $1500

X2 Pay = $849

X3 Pay = $849

Living with debilitating symptoms of anxiety does not have to be a life sentence. Please reach out to us. It is our passion and purpose to help you on this journey to overcome symptoms of severe anxiety by helping you find liberating freedom. I overcame debilitating anxiety symptoms, I walked this path and I KNOW it is possible to live a full life with joy, peace and happiness. If I can do it, you can too!