Overcome Anxiety with My Signature 360 Mentorship Program:

  • A one-to-one deep dive session: I Initial call where we will go over the intake form to ask questions I will need for preparation. Nothing is one-size-fits all-everything you do in the mentorship is customized to you depending on where you are in your recovery, so you get the best support for you and the fastest recovery as a result. (30-min)

  • 1 Life Changing RTT Session: We will have an RTT Session within a 30-day period to help uncover the underlying factors associated with anxiety, these sessions will help get to the root cause, reframe, unwire negative thought patterns and break old beliefs and transform into a structure that helps break the anxiety loop much quicker than going to years of therapy talk.  (90-120min)

  • A Custom Recording: These recordings will re-wire and build new neural networks in your brain to help you with permanent positive beliefs.

  • Follow up emails following your RTT Session: We will have follow up emails after your RTT Session to check your progress. Everyone’s journey is different. I will make sure I’m keeping track of your progress to ensure you are progressing in your recovery journey. 

  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls: (45 min) We will have weekly Live Coaching calls where I guide you through your journey of recovery. We will work face to face through zoom every step of the way answering all your personal questions making sure we make any adjustments in your journey. I know how it feels to be in your shoes, this is why these calls are highly important, they help you build the confidence and guidance you need to ensure you break the cycle of anxiety for good. I’ve not only completely recovered, but also helped others do the same. So, you can feel confident you’re in safe and experienced hands.
  • Access to the Mentorship Portal: This is where you will learn my unique approach to resolving anxiety.   

We will work through:

*Understanding your symptoms so you remove the fear behind it  

*What your recovery journey will look like and action steps to take 

*Recognizing and handling bizarre symptoms that feel like a physical illness 

*Critical mistakes to avoid along your recovery journey so you can recover as soon as possible 

*How to manage setbacks correctly without sabotaging your recovery  

*Going back to living fully and freely like you did before without these symptoms present 

*The tools and strategies that ensure you never fall into the anxiety cycle again for a symptom free future 

No more expensive bills or distracted living – no more doctor visits, therapy sessions or other expenses –

this is the last solution for anxiety you’ll ever need. 


My Mentor Program is a 3-month program, recovery for everyone looks different. This program was carefully designed with years of experience and are scientific proven strategies to overcome anxiety and its symptoms. These are Real solutions, not coping strategies. Everything you do in the mentorship is designed to permanently relieve your symptoms as fast as possible 

Recovery Timeline:  

Varies by person but everyone experiences significant relief in the first few weeks. 


My 3-month Signature Mentorship program, it entails 1 RTT Session with a 3-month commitment, this includes weekly mentor calls, and you may recover much faster during our time together, but everyone is different, this is why we will be working together for the next 3 months.

You may overcome it in just one RTT session but again, everyone is different. 

3-month Complete Signature Mentorship Program: US$3,500 

Watch Video on how RTT & My Signature Mentor Program can help Overcome Anxiety for GOOD!

“Working with Vanessa  has been LIFE CHANGING. And I don’t say that lightly. My big job came with a lot of anxiety and self doubt. I had a lot of negative talk going on in my head. After one hypnotherapy session with Vanessa, I had the best speaking engagement of my life, my anxiety has lessened, my self-doubt is not even a thought now and I am able to let things go that used to get me down for a long time. Overall I just feel lighter, and like I finally have a path to enjoy life the way I have always wanted to. I am a new me in my 50’s Thank you Vanessa!”

“Vanessa was and is truly genuine in her approach to unpacking my life’s experiences with a lot of care, understanding and action to move forward in a way that has shifted my thoughts and realigned my focus.”
“Working with Vanessa has given me the necessary understanding and confidence to seek clarity in my strengths and align my goals, the ability to tap into my subconscious and shift deep rooted memories and let go of those ‘things’ that have previously held me back, that I had no conscious visibility on until my session with Julie. I am so thankful for this experience. It has been really transformative.”
“I have just finished my performance and wanted to thank you immensely for literally saving my life. Wow it is amazing what you can do when you believe. I played really well considering I haven’t performed on stage for two years because of fear. It worked.”
“Thank you Vanessa 🙏 for taking the time to help me through this process and help towards my goals. I do feel really proud of myself and I feel stronger each day and less anxiety. I also do feel more equipped to handle, more aware and less scared of anxiety.

“One of the hardest things for me was to accept that tinnitus was do to anxiety, it took my brain a while to understand this, but I trusted you and I followed your guidance and even though I expected the condition to go away fast, it did in time go away, I honestly wasn’t aware of the day it went away, I just noticed it wasn’t there any more. 🙂 thnak you so much for helping me get my life back. to be honest, I still think that the condition will come back but it hasn’t and I will continue to apply the tools you taught me.”


“I had a wonderful session with Vanessa, who provided a safe space where I felt relaxed and safe with her. Vanessa was able to get to the root cause right away which was really insightful and I finally understood not only whay the tinnitus came in the first place but why it came back

It was a great relief to confirm the issue wasn’t a hardware problem, but psychomatic, even though I was told by the doctor it was hardware.

I have had a shift in not only my awareness, the tinnitus quickly stopped and has been gone since!

Thank you for helping me and for helping many more with this issue. I am eternally greatful to you 🙏”


“I felt like I’m almost there. Like the clouds are clearing up and I can see the sun and on the other side. I feel like I’m so close to be done with this anxiety. Like I can breathe and smile again.. I kinda wanna cry I’m really happy.”